How to install cracked apps on iPhone

Cydia App source

Want to know how to install cracked apps on iPhone? Before we proceed further, we just want to tell you that this tutorial works for any Apple device like iPod Touch, iPad on which you want to install cracked apps. There are few things that you have to go through in order to fully get the cracked apps on your iPhone or iPod or iPad.

How to install cracked apps on iPhone

Another thing to note here is that you will find plenty of apps available on the free web hosting or at any other site. But you will not be able to install it on your device due to some reasons. So in order to do that, you have to go through a series of steps in order to make it work.

Jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreak iPhone means that you will bypass certain security checks that Apple have put in place to avoid installation of cracked apps. It’s an easy process. Just use the evasi0n jailbreak tool to jailbreak your device. Follow the instructions and in the end, you will have a jailbreak device.

Cydia App

Once you have successfully jailbreak your device, the next thing to do is to look for Cydia App that will be placed at the end of the app drawer. Now, this app does not provide you with direct links to the games but you can install various tweaks, widgets type things in your iPhone or iPad. But in order to increase the functionality of the Cydia App, you need to add more sources to the Cydia.

How to Add Cydia Repos/Sources

Adding sources is not as easy as it looks like. But we are here to help you out. Follow the instructions below to add different sources in Cidya

  1. Open Cydia App and go to Manage tab.
  2. You will see 3 sections, select Sources section and it will show you a list of already installed sources.
  3. You will see an Edit button located at the top right corner of the screen. Tap it and a new Add button will appear on the top left.
  4. When you tap the Add button, it will ask you to enter the source URL in it. Just copy/paste the link or write exactly like the one shown in the picture (

Cydia App source

The sources will be used later as we progress through the tutorial. But for now, following is a list of trusted sources that provide a lot of variety in cracked apps section for any iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch.


iHackStore -

Hackulous - Http://

Sinful iPhone Repo - Http://

Once you are done with adding the sources, it is time to install AppSync package in your device. Look for the iOS version that you have and download that one. For example if your iPhone has iOS 7 then download the one named AppSync for iOS 7.

Installous Alternatives

Before we move on, let us brief you what Installous is a type of application software that lets you access to the cracked apps in just a single app. You don’t need to go to any place else. But the problem is, Installous developers have discontinued the support for it. So we will be providing you with a list of Installous Alternatives that you can use instead of it.

In order to use these apps, you have to have AppSync installed. If you missed on how to install it, simply go to Cydia app, go to Manage->Sources->Edit (top right) ->Add (top left) and enter one of the following [official]

Once you enter it, go to Search and search for AppSycn for iOS xx. Replace xx with the iOS version you have in your account. These links are also for the vShare app mentioned below.


vShare App

Personally using it for our devices. This is one of the best installous alternatives. You can download, install and manage your cracked apps on iPhone, iPod and iPad. There is no need to download from any external source. Just use vShare. Open Cydia and search for vShare – AppVV. Click and install vShare in your iPhone.



Another very nice and neat app that lets you download and install cracked apps. The interface of AppCake is much similar to Installous so you should have no problem in using it. Install it by adding to Cydia sources. Just search for AppCake in Cydia and install it.

Sinful iPhone Repo

Sinful iPhone

This is yet another good Installous alternative to install cracked apps on your iPhone. Simply use the link given above in the list of cydia sources and install the app.



Not the best of Installous Alternatives but if you are having problem with others, you can add this one. There are tutorials available on the internet on how to put iFunBox into your device.

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